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Mechanical properties of a rat patellar tendon stress-shielded in situ

The effects of stress deprivation on the mechanical properties of the patellar tendon (PT) were studied using 14 albino rats.

The PT was stress-shielded with cerclages on one side, while the contralateral patellar tendon served as a sham-operated control. After 10 weeks, paired load-strain as well as load-relaxation experiments were performed (11 and 3 specimen pairs, respectively).

Mechanical tests showed, irrespective of the cerclage material used, that strain was increased significantly after stress-shielding (P < 0.02). The time constant significantly decreased in the stress-shielded specimens under 5 N loads, which may be considered ‘physiological’. Tissue remodeling might explain the observed changes in the viscoelastic behaviour of the stress-shielded tendons. Loading, even in the physiological range of normal daily activity, may lead to an elongation of previously stressshielded tendons or ligaments and consequently alter the behaviour of a joint.


Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Alters the Patellar Alignment

Although there are many articles dealing with anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction, there are none dealing with the possibility of changes of the patellofemoral alignment after these procedures.
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No benefit of bracing on the early outcome after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Forty patients were prospectively investigated to evaluate the effects of bandaging after reconstructive surgery of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).
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The role of magnetic resonance imaging in routine decision making for meniscal surgery

The meniscus is the most commonly injured structure of the knee requiring surgery. Traditionally the diagnosis of a meniscal tear is based on patient history and clinical examination.
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„Hals und Beinbruch“ Verletzungen beim Wintersport sind oft vermeidbar

Jetzt ist auf den Ski Pisten wieder Hochsaison. Jährlich verletzen sich rund 80000 Schifahrer und 8000 Snowboarder auf den österreichischen Schipisten.
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Die Meniskusverletzung

Der Meniskus ist einer der am häufigsten verletzten Bestandteile des Kniegelenks. Als Lastverteiler, Stoßdämpfer und Stabilisator ist er ein wichtiges Element der Kniemechanik.
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