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Rotational instability and integrity of the interosseous membrane in cadaveric ulnar shaft fractures

The stability of isolated ulnar shaft fractures required further investigation because no data were available for fractures in the middle third or on the effect on rotational stability.
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Light and electron microscopic study of stress-shielding effects on rat patellar tendon

In this second part of our study, the histomorphologic changes occurring in the patellar tendon (PT) of rats after sole stress-shielding were evaluated.
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Twisting of patellar tendon grafts does not reduce their mechanical properties

The purpose of this study was to investigate whether the twisting of a patellar tendon (PT) graft improves or reduces its mechanical properties.
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Cyclops and cyclopoid formation after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: clinical and histomorphological differences

Prospectively, 119 patientswere pursued clinically and by follow-up-arthroscopy for the occurrence of a “cyclops syndrome” afterACL reconstruction with a patellar tendon autograft, augmented by LAD.
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Inter- and intratester comparison of the Rolimeter knee tester: effect of tester’s experience and the examination technique

Clinical knee examination is imperative for the prognosis, follow- up, and scientific comparison of anterior cruciate ligament surgery results.
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